Hi, Friend

We are The Braided Life--a team of Black women and nonbinary folks on a mission to reclaim and revive the Black hair experience, starting with our salon in Austin, TX: The Braided Haus.

Founded in 2021, we planted our roots on the Eastside — a once-thriving Black neighborhood that we aim to regenerate. The world is saturated with opinions about how Black people should wear their hair. We say: FUCK IT.

In a society where Black people are often left out, our doors are open to all who enter. Read more about the team below and swing by The Braided Haus for education, events, community space, and of course, hair <3


Born in Yaounde, Cameroon (grew up in a lot of places)

Favorite Style:

Box braids! On the surface, they're a basic staple, but there's so much you can do with them! Creative parting, beads, thread, make them short, make them long, style them...box braids are the ultimate style.

Why The Braided Life?

Watch the video below!