New Year, New Hair: 10 Healthy Hair Habits To Start And Keep Up With

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A happy head of hair is comprised of two key components — healthy roots and healthy ends. Thriving roots are the foundation for a good hair day now — and all of the stellar hair days in your future. Healthy ends allow you to preserve length and reduce breakage. But achieving healthy, happy hair requires consistency, patience, and a whole lot of love.

For most of us, there’s no one loc butter or deep conditioning treatment that will do the trick — and rarely do once-monthly hair pampering days produce great fruits. The good news is, developing everyday healthy hair habits is all you need to keep — or get — your hair in its prime state. Ahead, we look at easy, good hair habits to practice and keep in 2022.

  1. Deep condition, often — moisturized hair is happy hair. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is an easy way to ensure that thirsty hair is soaking up all of the moisture that it needs. Find a treatment that you like and be consistent. 
  2. Bonnets. Bonnets. Bonnets. Want to preserve a good wash and go? Bonnet. Prefer to keep frizz to a minimum? Bonnet. Hoping to see more growth than breakage? Bonnet. You get the picture. 
  3. Switch up your hairstyle when it’s time. Holding onto braids and protective styles that have overstayed their welcome almost always does more harm than good. If you’ve passed the six-week point or notice visible build-up, it’s best to take your style down. 
  4. Detangle hair when it’s wet. It’s much easier, less painful, saves time, and reduces breakage. 
  5. Opt for silk scrunchies instead of elastic hair ties. The result? Less breakage, less frizz, and reduced tension. 
  6. Don’t skip wash day. Wash day is your chance to treat your hair — and yourself — to some TLC. It’s an opportunity to bust build up, work through knots, and quench those thirsty kinks and coils. 
  7. Find a good clarifying shampoo. Hair products, sweat, and dirt can all collect on your scalp and strands over time. To ensure that build-up doesn’t stand in the way of your best hair, work through that build-up once or twice a week. 
  8. Show your ends some love. When applying products like oils and butters to your hair, start at your scalp and work your way down to the ends. Doing so will boost your hair’s volume and keep your ends nice and hydrated. 
  9. Invest in a diffuser. These tools tamp down on frizz, make defining your curls a piece of cake, and cut down on drying time. Learn how to use one properly and you’re golden. 
  10. Be patient. Achieving healthy hair is a journey and it won’t happen overnight. Consistency and patience are your best bet when it comes to seeing results. 

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